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hello, frienD!

here are my top

recommended self massage & self care tools in one place.

xo, jess

Theraface Face Scalp Massager
Mini Massage Gun
Body Gua Sha 1
Body Gua Sha2
Hand Massager
L R Rebounder
Aeropilates Reformer
Tune Up Balls Self Massage
Pilates Ball for Body Rolling
Mini Vibration Plate
Jade Gua Sha Roller Set Face
Face Cupping Set 1
Face Cupping Set 2
Cupping Set Firm
Cupping Set Soft
Peanut Ball Massager
Simple Scalp Massager
Cellulite Massager
Red Light Therapy 2
Fascia Blaster
Red Light Therapy 1
Castor Oil
Moisturizing Gloves for Castor Oil Tx
Heated Gloves for Hand Pain Relief
Heated Electric Hand Massager
Heated Elbow Wrap