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Look Feel Your Best Naturally

.Welcome! Her Aesthetic Massage is a women's wellness studio that believes in the power of aesthetic massage to help you look and feel your best, naturally. Have you ever experienced the gift of a full hour of head, neck and face massage? It's amazing! Most massages skip over these super powerful areas. Here, we focus on them fully to give you time to nourish yourself from within. Need a full body massage, instead? Choose a "Breathe" session :).

Chair massage for your event/workplace/group

is also available! Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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Why Aesthetic (Head/Neck/Face) Massage?

  • Non-invasive, healthy beauty boosting benefits
  • Increased circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Reduced tension in body, head, neck and face
  • More lifted, sculpted and toned facial muscles, naturally
  • More relaxed neck and shoulders
  • Relief from headaches, TMJD pain and migraines
  • Holistic and healthy skin rejuvenation
  • A more sculpted, smooth and contoured appearance

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Massage Therapist, Cat Mom, Animal Lover, Vegan

Jessica Louise,


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Hello, my name is Jessica (Jess) and I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for well over a decade!

I love helping women find time to care for themselves, escape the stress and feel and look their best!

I have a background in yoga teaching and am skilled in many massage and wellness modalities. I am a proud cat mom, animal lover (vegan for life!) + artist and writer, too.

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How to Request Your Booking

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Looking for a different time than what you see?

Text me at 512 222 6895. I’ll see what I can do for you.

Please note the 24 hrs cancellation policy.

Please text me right away if you need to cancel on short notice!

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100% animal friendly,

earth friendly, Vegan & cruelty free.

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512. 222 .6895

12601 Bee Cave Pkwy 78738

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Visit my Bee Cave Studio Or bring the self care to you
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